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Meet author

Dr. Nivedha Srinivasan

Dr. Nivedha Srinivasan, born on 10th September 1997 in Madurai, India, was brought to Muscat, Oman before she could even utter her first words. She did her schooling in Indian School Muscat. A burning fire to help people pushed her into MBBS, which she completed in one of the top medical schools in India (PSG IMSR, Coimbatore).

Missing Until I Find You

The Inspiration For The Book

She was a very hyper child in middle school and to channel all the extra energy into something that would shape her as a person, her class teacher suggested that she start reading, the first books she read were Black beauty and Heidi, and since then there has been no looking back.
In the never-ending search for books, she realised that her father had an enormous collection of novels, and since then there was never a time she wasn’t reading.

Sherlock Holmes, Famous Five, Nancy Drew kindled an interest for mystery in her and before she reached the end of the book, she had already imagined a hundred different scenarios in her head.
Nivedha Srinivasan was very attached to her grandfather who was her best friend. Aren’t we all a little more attached to our grandparents? They have fought, laughed, and cried together. Dedicating her first book to her late grandfather is just the beginning of the long path of Nivedha.

While she spent day and night with PPE in the covid wards fighting for patients’ lives, her co-workers, her friends, and writing this book were her only form of relaxation. For her exemplary work in the Covid wards, she was recognised by the Indian medical association in 2021.

For her writing was never about deadlines or stories that got more approval ratings, it was about baring her soul on those pages, in the thought that some child somewhere will have a smile on their face after reading her book.

She was also recently in the Top 10 Short stories by both popular opinion and judging in a national competition organised by Hashtag Kalakar where 1000’s of stories were sent. Currently, Nivedha is working on a fantasy mystery novel for young adults and preparing for post-graduation.

About The Book

‘Missing Until I Find You Until One Day’

Every reader loves to be transported to the world of stories and author Nivedha Srinivasan takes you on an adventure to the fictional town of Huckleton with her two favourite people Anabeth Sanders and Stanley Hawkers. These 15-year-olds spend their summer to uncover the dark truth about their town and missing children. Just 128 pages will make you stop, drop and roll because it will make you laugh, cry, roll your eyes, fall in love and make the wheels in your head turn as you try to figure who or what is the answer to so many questions. Just as you believe that everything is falling into place, you will be left confused. If you’re thirsty for more, read “Missing – until I find you one day” and quench it.

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Why this book?

This genre is enjoyed by everyone, even those not interested in reading are attracted to this genre. It's also a small book compared to the traditional book sizes, so it's easier to finish over a few hours. Other than the practical aspects, this book gives you a sense of thrill, at the very end hope and may help people in moving on, towards the hope of something good. It is full of twists and turns which makes it un-put-downable. If two kids have read this book it will lead them to discuss the book and even make new friends.

Missing Until I Find You

Laurels for Missing

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